Organize all your passwords
in one safe and accessible place!

"The perfect tool for people like me with lots and lots of accounts"

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passwords frameworks used

Why are your PassWords are safe with us?

We use the most advanced technologies plus the most complex and enhanced encryption scripts. All Data is encrypted using the AES-128-bit technology, and with the additional 2FA(2-Factor Authentication) via our Iphone - and Android-APP you can be absolutely certain that your passwords are in the safest place they can be.

No one will ever be able to access your Data except you. Not us (the admins and developers) nor the staff have any way to access or restore your passwords. You are the only one with access to your data, safe and easily from any place in the world.

multi layer autentification

Multi-layer authentication
No Chance for thieves

encrypted data

AES 128-bit encryption
Tightly secured

minimalistic environment

Safe and minimalistic environment
Easy to use