About us

Safe and Accesible - at any time! Our story:

The basic concept of the project was born after witnessing that too many of our dearest Clients have a text folder on their desktop called "nothing here" where they store all our important data and passwords, and that's not exactly safe. In 2015 we started to form a Team in order to design and develop a Platform, that not only competes with the ease of use of a .txt-File but also incooperates absolute security utilising 128Bit encryption, a 3-Factor-Login-System and Multi-Layer Authentication available via our exclusive Android and Iphone app.

Bucaciuc Andrei

CTO and platform engineer

Lorena Wagner

Has cute eyes & codes nice

Sarah Niice

Marketing campaign manager

May 2017

Official Release

February 2017

Security audit to verify the APP & Plattforms security.

December 2016

Setup contracts with various Payment-Providers

October 2016

Finalized contracts with several Datacenters. Starting to build a high-availability clusters spread across several independent providers across Europe.

September 2016

Finalized the Plattforms Visual Design App reaches Beta-Stage
Family & Friends beta begins

August 2016

Integrated 2-Factor Authentication into the Plattform. Alpharelease of the APP

May 2016

Added a Senior-App-Developer to our Team Started contract-negotiations with various Datacenters across Europe (for privacy reasons)

April 2016

We move into our new office

March 2016

Integrated our custom build AES Encryption into the Plattform First milestone reached and private alpha commerces

January 2016

Basic functionality of the Plattforms Backend is integrated

November 2015

Basic Visual Design of the Platform is Done, A Cryptospecialist joined the Team

September 2015

First concept is done

August 2015

The Idea was Born